School Board Election: November 2, 2021

USD 205 Board of Education Candidates: November 2, 2021

 4 at-large positions up for election:

 5 candidates:

     Jason Dohrman

     Kirk Emmons

     Brett Jurging

     Erika Long

     Jeremy Nelson

Jason Dohrman

Occupation- Loan Officer at Vintage Bank Kansas

Spouse/Occupation - Lauren, Global Mobility Consultant for Koch Industries

Children- Eli- 6, Jolene- 5

Education- Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Kansas State University

Length of District Residency- I attended Leon schools from middle school through graduation, growing up on a small family farm between Leon and Augusta. My wife, Lauren, and I have been back in the Leon area since 2014.

Experience and Qualifications- I have worked in the banking industry as a loan officer for the past 12 years. I feel this will allow me to bring a solid financial background to the position. I also maintain a small farming and cattle operation. 

Goals- To maintain a district focused on education over politics. Encourage conversations between the district, students, and staff, about safe learning environments responsive to the world around us. As there seems to be ever increasing threats on our students in this world today, from school shootings and viruses to curriculum focused on division. I believe open, honest, and civil conversations is the key to keeping our students and staff safe and help promote this within our meetings and throughout the district.

I am committed to understanding the curriculum being taught in our schools. The curriculum should be factual and promote the development of our children into successful adults. I would also like to focus on improving our communication tactics between the district, teachers, and parents to ensure all those influencing our children's lives are working together to provide a great education and school experience.

Reason for Seeking Position- Living and working in the Leon area, I have a vested interest in the success of the Bluestem School district. Both of my children will attend school at Bluestem and I want to see it thrive, as a conservative district with a drive to focus on the educational success of our students.


Kirk Emmons - Incumbent

Occupation- NC Programmer

Spouse/Occupation- Marina, Homemaker 

Children- Alexandra, Dylan, Hannah, Addyson, Braeden, Jacob, and Holli

Education- Bluestem Alumni, Butler Community College graduate in pre-engineering

Length of District Residency- 35 years Experience and Qualifications- We chose to home school our children for 12 years. All decisions made for our "school" were made by my wife and I. My experience as a small business owner will be beneficial.

Goals- I want to provide good common sense for decision making that will benefit the students, teachers, staff, and school. I also hope to provide an environment that will urge the parents and community to be more involved in all school activities.

Reason for Seeking Position- We have home-schooled our children in the past; I have been very involved and proactive in their education. I want to continue that involvement with them and all the students in the district. My youngest child is in the 10th grade and I plan on being involved for quite a few more years. I want a sound and quality school system.


Brett Jurging- Incumbent

Occupation- Energy Distribution System Operator

Spouse/Occupation-Tonya, BAK Properties Manager

Children- Katlin- BHS '14, Ashtyn- BHS '18, Brock- BHS '21

Education- Bluestem Alumni, Attended BCC

Length of District Residency- 41 years

Experience and Qualifications- Currently serving on the BOE since 2006. Served as a Union Steward for IBEW Local 1523 for two years.

Goals- I want to continue to bring the most qualified personnel to our district and make it the type of school system where any employee would want to stay long term. My vision would be to continue improving the learning experience for the young people that attend both our elementary and junior/senior high schools. I believe in order to have a successful district we have to make it the most efficient school district possible while, "Keeping the focus of every decision made on the best interest of all children." 

Reason for Seeking Position- I have three who graduated from the Bluestem district. I believe that staying involved with the Bluestem school district and the community through servant leadership. I can help make the Bluestem district a better place to live and raise children.

Erika Long

Occupation- Dental Hygienist at Main Street Implant and Family Dentistry for 17 years

Spouse/Occupation- Jason Long

Children- Griffin- 6th grade, Paige- 4th grade 

Education- Bluestem Alumni '00, Wichita State University graduate with a Bachelor's in Health Science 

Length of District Residency- 18 years 

Experience and Qualifications- Well, I'd have to say being a parent! I served on the PTO committee last year as well.

Goals- To achieve the best possible outcome for success for each child based on their individual needs!

Reason for Seeking Position- I desire to be involved in Bluestem schools, to see what goes into putting together the education that our children receive. I would love to give back to the community and the individuals who served during my time at Bluestem by way of serving on the board.


Jeremy Nelson

Occupation- General Manager of the Mulvane Cooperative Union

Spouse/Occupation- Averie, Director of Scholarships and Advancement at Butler Community College

Children- Ellie- 8th grade, Emmalynn- 6th grade

Education- Bachelors of Animal Science with a Business Minor from Kansas State University

Length of District Residency- 12 years total

Experience and Qualifications- I served on the USD 205 School Board for 7 years. I moved out of the district in 2008 and resigned from my position. I have an understanding of how schools operate. I manage a large business and believe that schools should also be run like a business.

Goals- 1. To ensure that USD 205 maintains the current curriculum that is offered. There are a lot of wonderful things happening at Bluestem

2. To ensure that fiscal accountability continues to be a priority.

Reason for Seeking Position- I believe that Bluestem has a wonderful team of professionals that are providing our kids with the best education possible. I want to see that this continues for many years to come. I believe that communication is an issue for our district, technology is a great tool when used properly. Currently you have to look at or subscribe to numerous pages and apps to obtain all of the district information. I would like to see district use a standard platform that will post to all of the technology that they are currently utilizing. Communication is key to the success of all companies and should be a priority for our school district. I am a supporter of education and truly want to see the best for USD 205.