BASE is honored to administer the following scholarships, and we are grateful to the families of those memorializing their loved ones, as well as to all our donors for making this investment in the future of Bluestem students. Please note that these scholarships are issued on a one-time basis and are not renewable. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the Senior Award Assembly in May. Proof of enrollment and a thank you note to the family must be received by BASE no later than January 1 of the following year the scholarship was awarded.  Contact the Bluestem High School counselor for the appropriate scholarship applications, accompanying forms and transcripts.

BASE Community Service Scholarship

The BASE $1000 scholarship requires a total of 100 hours of verified community service in the 12-month period preceding the application date and a short essay written by the student. Students should begin early keeping a record of their hours as they are completed. Forms are available from the high school counselor. In addition, the recipient must be able to do college-level work, as evidenced by his or her transcript and grade point average (GPA).

Sam Parsons Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Sam Parsons, who served on the USD 205 Board of Education for many years. Sam and his children were graduates of our high school. The $1000 scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a major in education and showing evidence of the ability to do college-level work.

Cathy Wilson Memorial Scholarship

The $1000 scholarship has been established in memory of Cathy Wilson, a longtime teacher in the district. The scholarship is awarded to a student who plans to further their education with a preference for a major in education or other service professions (nursing, social work, law enforcement), participated in extracurricular activities, school or community related activities, shown good citizenship and demonstrated the ability to do college level work.  Preference will be given to an applicant who is the first in their family to attend college.

CHOKE Scholarship

Established by the Kohls family in memory of David “Choke” Kohls, this $1000 scholarship is nominated by coaches to an athlete who shows a good attitude, is a hard worker, motivates and leads teammates and participates in a minimum of 2 sports each year of high school.  The student must also complete the “Choke” Scholarship Application.

David Kohls Memorial Scholarship

David Kohls was a long-time resident of Butler County and a much-loved and respected employee of USD 205 for many years. David served the district in many roles, including teacher, principal, activities director and coach. He touched countless numbers of lives during his career and is remembered fondly by all who knew him. The $500 scholarship was created in his memory by his family. The recipient must be a Bluestem senior who is pursuing his or her education on the college level, and who has participated in athletics during his or her high school career.

Don Jones Memorial Scholarship

Don Jones is remembered by many as a high school teacher passionate about science and one who shared his passion with his students. Memorial contributions allowed his family to establish a $500 scholarship for a student furthering their education with a preference going to, but not limited to applicants pursuing a major in education. Applicants will show evidence of their ability to do college-level work and provide a written statement of goals.

Donna Cornish Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Donna Cornish, a long-time member of our community. She was employed by our school district, and her two daughters graduated from Bluestem High School. The $350.00 scholarship is awarded to a student continuing on to vocational school or college, who has demonstrated good citizenship, maintained a 2.5 grade point average and provided a written statement of goals.

Worrell Agricultural Scholarship

The $250 scholarship has been established in memory of John Worrell, a former student and board member of Bluestem.  It will be granted to a student who is furthering their education in any agricultural related field through a vocational school or college.  This scholarship can also be applicable to a one-time agricultural related training session(s) that would be completed within the next 12-month period.  It is based on active participation in 2-4 years of Future Farmers of America’s (FFA) membership and/or 4-H, a statement of agricultural activities, including leadership performed at home, work or school, a statement of future defined goals and the ability to complete college-level work (when applicable).  Preferences will be given to applicants who have or are working in the agricultural industry.

Here are the 2023 BASE Scholarship winners:

$1,000 BASE Scholarship - Riese Witty

$1,000 Parsons Scholarship - Kolby Hebb

$1,000 Wilson Scholarship - Jenna Valentine

$1000 CHOKE Scholarship - Riese Witty

$500 Jones Scholarship - Taytum Lovesee

$500 Kohls Scholarshio - Haylee Hiedeman

$350 Cornish Scholarship - Keeley Hermrick

$250 Worrell Scholarship - Raegan Pirtle