Craft Day 2018

Craft Day 2018


Craft day was a huge success again this year. The kids had a blast and everything ran smoothly. It takes a lot of hard work by many, many people to pull off an event as large as craft day. The students and I start preparing for craft day weeks in advance. Then, during the two craft days, I get lots of support from the parents… Some parents help every year and some help out whenever they can… I appreciate both.Bluestem is blessed with awesome kiddos and super parents. We cannot have craft day without the help and support of the kids and parents, so thank you all, very much.


Below is a list of my adult helpers and some pictures from craft day:

Denise Douglas, Sandy Kastner, Tracy Rider, Paul Oliver, Paula Terry, Jason Neal, Terri Hood, Trisha Clevenger, Kyndall Clevenger, Camryn Clevenger, Amanda Trent, Brandy Rigg, Holli Jiminez, Chuck McCollister, Barbara Fournier, Richard Keeler, Dylan Montgomery, Latisha Crenshaw, Erika Long, Kelly Beavers, Jennifer Penner, Ric Hinson, Vickie Mies, Tina New, Coretta Marvin, Jonathan Drake, Joshua Drake, Marianna Hall.


If I missed someone, or misspelled a name, I apologize, it was purely unintentional.


Mr. Hood-BES Art

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